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    Monday, October 23, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    Want to See a Ghost? 13 Most Haunted Places in the East Bay

    Want to see a ghost this Halloween? The East Bay is filled with haunted places for cranky poltergeists and benevolent spirits, according to local paranormal investigators. Check out our Top 13. But, please, don’t go alone …
    1. USS Hornet - Alameda
    Voted the most haunted attraction in the East Bay, this decommissioned naval aircraft carrier ship could be home to as many as 50 spirits. Dozens of witnesses have told tales of unexplained sounds, moving objects and encounters with officers and enlisted men who suddenly vanish. Could it have something to do with the fact that the Hornet earned nine battle stars during WWII, with 300 lives lost? Spend the night if you dare. If you’re too scared to visit this floating museum in person, watch the video “The Haunting of the USS Hornet” by East Bay ghost-hunting expert Loyd Auerbach, available here. 707 W Hornet Ave., Alameda
    2. Black Diamond ...

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    Friday, May 26, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    Head for the Flats: East Bay Home Buyers Want Walkable Neighborhoods

    Remember when homes in the Berkeley and Oakland hills commanded premium prices and multiple offers because of their quiet suburban appeal and spectacular Bay and City views?

    Well, a new era of buyers have been flipping that East Bay home sales trend on its head. Now the flats are where it’s at, in part, because they are so walkable.

    Hot neighborhoods include Bushrod, Temescal and Rockridge – all easy walks to BART stations, bus stops, schools and booming commercial districts with farm-to-table dining, bookstores, craft brew pubs, funky and upscale shops, gourmet markets and children’s stores.
    Abio Realtor Elisabeth Watson says when she moved to the Berkeley Hills 12 years ago, the flats didn’t register as desirable unless they were very close to BART. Now she’s strategizing with hopeful homebuyers faced with a highly competitive market in the flatlands of western Berkeley and Oakland.
    “In a market ...

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