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    Thursday, April 20, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    Take the Stairs! East Bay’s Secret Steps Will Challenge & Charm

    If this long winter and soggy spring have you climbing the walls, it’s time to get outside and climb some East Bay stairs instead.

    Roam off the beaten path to climb hundreds of steps hidden in our parks, neighborhoods and trails. Your reward for those burning glutes and pounding heartbeat?

    Spectacular views … and well-defined calves.

    We’re not exaggerating when we say hundreds of “secret” staircases dot our hills. A historic network of hidden neighborhood stairs in Oakland and Berkeley dates back to the days before everyone had cars. They were built as shortcuts from hilly homes down to the old Key System streetcars. Some flights look their age, and some are beautifully preserved in their Beaux-Arts grandeur.

    Other stairways are out-in-the-open centerpieces of public parks and are beloved by athletes and trainers.

    So, whether you are an exercise enthusiast or history buff, the East Bay has just the right st ...

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