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    Friday, December 15, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    See the Best Holiday Lights in the East Bay

    It is time to bundle up, pour hot cocoa into a thermos, and head out to see the most beautiful holiday lights in the East Bay. Rain or moon-shine, 'tis the season for the sparkling light shows by bulb-happy residents and businesses, now through New Year’s.
    First, some advice for you twinkle-eyed adventurers: Map the sites you want to hit so you aren’t zigzagging across the East Bay. Bring festive car snacks (like gingerbread!) And try to enjoy the lights without worrying about the owner’s electricity bill. (But bring a little cash in case a homeowner provides a donation jar for the electricity fund.)
    Now, on with the show!
    Christmas Tree Lane - Alameda

    3200 block of Thompson Ave., between High Street and Fernside
    This illuminated neighborhood effort involves more than 50 homes! Look for homemade decorations, timed light shows and themes, including a “Nightmare Before Christmas” house. Santa himself makes ap ...

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    Monday, December 04, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    3 Key Reasons Why the East Bay is Ripe for Real Estate Investing

    The Bay Area’s buzzing residential real estate market has migrated east. (Sorry, San Francisco.) And that’s great news for anyone considering real estate investing in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in 2018.
    Our so-called sunny side of the Bay has one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. And despite concerns that the cycle might be peaking, home values continue to increase, rents are forecast to grow, and economic tailwinds are bringing in more people and jobs.
    “Rents are high and appreciation is strong,” said broker and Abio co-founder Cameron Platt, who owns and manages multiple investment properties around the East Bay. “Even with the presence of eviction restrictions and rent control within many East Bay cities, our investor clients agree that the East Bay is an excellent place to invest for long-term gains and stability.”
    Forecasts for 2018 predict regional hous ...

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    Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    7 Celebrity Chef Recipes for a Mouthwatering Thanksgiving

    If you haven’t set your Thanksgiving menu yet, add one of these must-try recipes from Bay Area celebrity chefs. We think we collected some superstar dishes here. Your guests will thank you!
    1. Thomas Keller’s Crispy Roast Turkey

    Don’t be intimated by the famous chef’s name on this recipe. Thomas Keller of the award-winning French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley uses basic techniques like brining for 24 hours, high-heat roasting, and clarified-butter basting. See the recipe

    2. Gary Danko’s Moroccan Spiced Roasted Root Vegetables

    Coriander, paprika, and cumin aren’t traditional Thanksgiving ingredients, but that doesn't mean they aren't delicious! See the recipe

    3. Darius Somary’s Brussels Sprouts With Bacon and Lemon Aioli

    Even brussel sprout haters will fall in love with Chef Darius Somary’s combination of fried brussel sprouts, lemon, and applewood-smoked bacon. Somary hails from Hotel Sutter in ...

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    Tuesday, November 14, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    5 Ways to Love Lafayette: Meet the Neighborhoods

    Another article in our ongoing series about East Bay neighborhoods…

    If you've been eyeing a move to Lafayette, you know that neighborhood flavors range from downtown chic to semi-rural with rolling hills and horses. Choices, choices choices... How do you pick the right one for your family?
    Let us help! With many of our Abio real estate agents living and working in Lafayette, we already  discovered the best places to live.
    Let's start by describing why today's homebuyers are making Lafayette one of the East Bay's most sought after communities.
    Lafayette has variety: older homes, newer homes, gated communities, downtown neighborhoods, trailside neighborhoods, vineyards and horse properties. Lafayette has the schools: Most homes are located in one of California’s best districts. Lafayette has a Mediterranean climate ideal for outdoor living, recreation, barbeques, and gardening. ...

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    Thursday, November 02, 2017   /   by Abio Properties, Blogger

    7 Essential Homebuyer Tips: The Need for Speed in Today's Market

    Want to buy an East Bay home for sale? You’ll have to be lightening fast to win the home of your dreams in today’s competitive market, and we have 7 essential tips for ramping up your speed.
    It’s a sellers’ market, where the number of property listings has plunged and the relative number of bidders has skyrocketed. Today’s sellers can confidently ask bidders for a lot -- including a quick close.
    Nationally, the average home sits on the market for about 73 days, according to Realtor.com. But in the Bay Area, it’s more like 31 days or less. Abio agents are seeing some deals close within two weeks!
    Your best strategy in such a fast-paced environment is to be ready. Here’s how:
    1. Partner with a real estate agent, if you haven’t already
    Interview potential agents and ask about how well they know your target neighborhood, their fees, and what services they offer beside negotiations and escrow. Request references from p ...

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